Listify Admin Guide

Approve a new listing

You will be notified when a listing is submitted for approval. In your dashboard, go to Listings.

A pending listing will appear at the top with an orange pending symbol.

Under Actions on the right, click the eye symbol to preview the listing.

Once you are happy with the listing, click the check mark to approve it, and it will appear on the site.

Create a new listing package

To create a new package for users, go to Products > Add New on the left-side menu of the dashboard.

In Product Data, from the dropdown select either of the Listify Payment Package options. “Listing Payment Package” is a one-off purchase to add a listing, whereas the “Subscription” option will create a recurring payment.

Enter the package details as required, for example the cost, how often the subscription renews (if applicable), whether there is a sign-up free, how many listings the user is allowed on that package, and so on.