Supplying Your Images

There are several options for finding images for your site:

1. Feel free to send any of your own images.

2. Go to a stock image site and select some images, here are some below to get you started: (Free) (Free) (Free) (Free) (Paid) (Paid)

When your FINAL images are organised, please put all of your images in a folder on your computer. In that folder, please create sub-folders named after your page names ex: Home, About, Services and so on.

When the folder is filled with your FINAL images, please right-click and ‘Compress’ or ‘Zip’ your folder. This should create a .zip file of the folder. Please send us this .zip file in either of the following ways (it will be too large to email):

1. Go to WeTransfer and select the ‘free’ option to email us the .zip to

2. If you use Dropbox or Google Drive, create a folder to put the .zip in, and share it with