What to keep in mind for SEO

If you have not paid for our Copywriting service with AusWeb Design, then here are some tips to create some good page copy that will assist in not only your website visitors understand what you do and why to choose you, but also for Google to better rank your website on a search engine.

Please understand, that in the case of Google ranking, every case is different in terms of what you need on your website to rank well. You’re not up against Google, you’re up against your competition.

If AusWeb Design is doing our SEO service for you, we will need some good content to help our efforts in helping you rank well. If we don’t have good content to work with, our efforts to optimise your site with a beneficial outcome will not be possible.

The key to organising your own website page content, is to study your competition, and make you pages bigger, better, more awesome (and of course as unique as possible). Do a Google search for what you are trying to rank for, and the business websites (not directory listings) that are coming up on page 1 (under the paid AdWords ads at the top three locations) have done something right.

Take for instance a Window Cleaning business:

If a person searches for ‘window cleaning Newcastle’ and only three small sites with little content appear on page 1 of Google, then those sites will rank based on the little content they have – possibly due to little competition. If on the other hand those small sites are up against the big guns who happen to cover their area then they probably won’t rank very well – those larger company websites will appear on page 1 over the small ones.

If all the other window cleaners you’re up against have detailed pages talking about their techniques, abilities, chemicals, staff experience, hi-rise abilities, ladders, rope access, tips for DIY cleaning, commercial premises v domestic, unique images, videos, graphs, guarantees and all the other things they might talk about on their window cleaning pages… then, that is what you’re up against. Knowing that – you can plan the content of your pages properly.

We suggest that being as descriptive as possible, such as the details in the above paragraph, will be a good start in laying out an informative page on your website for Google AND your website visitor. Here is a general guideline which may help you craft your service pages:

  • What – Describe what this service/product is in detail. What are the techniques? What equipment is being used?
  • Benefit – Describe how a person will benefit from this service/product.
  • Why you – Describe how you do it differently or well, and why someone would choose you over the competition. What are your abilities? What is your guarantee?
  • Where – Describe where you perform this service/product.
  • How much – Describe what a person can expect to pay for this service/product.